You Don’t Need Surgery to Fix Your Sports Injury

Bumps and bruises, sprains and strains—any type of sports injury is likely to require some healing time.  But, contrary to popular belief, the majority of sports injuries do not require surgery. As opposed to an invasive surgery, there are natural methods and supplements that heal your body in a much healthier way and in much less time.

Dr. Alexander Kulick has built his entire medical practice around this philosophy. With his training in both Western medicine and alternative therapies, Dr. Kulick knows exactly how to heal sports injuries and keep his patients out of the operating room. Don’t believe the lies that traditional doctors and orthopedic surgeons will tell you. They will want to schedule you for surgery the minute you walk in the door. Their solutions will promise short-term success, but you may suffer when it comes to long-term results. Dr. Kulick’s treatments aim for holistic and long-lasting wellness.

Here are a few non-surgical methods for treating sports injuries:

Ultrasound is also extremely useful when it comes to treating sports injuries with injections. Dr. Kulick is specially trained in using ultrasound to visualize the exact location of nerves and tissues in the body. He uses an ultrasound-guided injection of saline to carefully free trapped nerves. This treatment is usually only completed with surgery, but Dr. Kulick’s ultrasound procedure can be done in the office in less than 40 minutes. On the contrary, surgery would require weeks of hospital payments, healing, and downtime.

From professional sports players to recreational athletes to exercise gurus—nobody likes to be injured. Everybody wants a quick fix that will get him or her back in action as soon as possible. For many individuals, the first thing that comes to mind is surgery. It seems like the ultimate solution that will fix the injury and strengthen the body. But, in reality, that concept is absolutely false.

In many cases, having surgery to correct sports injuries only extends healing time and weakens the body. However, natural treatments like ultrasound, nutritional medicine, and PRP can non-invasively treat the root cause of the sports injury. By getting this type of treatment from an alternative medicine specialist like Dr. Kulick, you are ensuring that your body will be free from swelling, inflammation, free radicals, pain, and any other element that could hold you back from being your best.

Dr. Alexander Kulick

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