Should We Have Locked Down the State?

The results of our lockdown have been astronomical unemployment, economic devastation, anxiety, depression and increased suicide rate. Was this the correct approach or should we have simply protected the elderly and those at high risk as Sweden has done?

I will continue to review the evidence and post here on this topic.

Link: Sweden resisted a lockdown, and its capital Stockholm is expected to reach ‘herd immunity’ in weeks

What is herd immunity?
When a majority of a community is immune to a disease it limits the spread from person to person. In turn it minimizes the chance of those who are high risk from contracting the disease. For example, if 4 out of 5 people are immune to the disease, there is only a 20% chance of you getting sick.

With no vaccine in the immediate future, how do we achieve herd immunity to control the spread if we are in an extremely restrictive lockdown?

Dr. Alexander Kulick

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