Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormones in NYC

If you are going through menopause (or if you are just starting pre-menopause and have already been experiencing symptoms) then you’re most likely looking for a solution that really works. After all, you can only deal with hot flashes and night sweats so long before you snap. Effects of these hormonal changes may have your family walking on eggshells around you and your routine mood swings. Of course, dealing with forgetfulness and poor concentration may be affecting you too.

Whatever symptoms you are experiencing, you simply want them to stop. So, do you opt for synthetic hormones your doctor can prescribe or do you choose a safe and healthier approach?

Dangers of Synthetic Hormones

Chances are pretty good that you have heard that synthetic hormones are dangerous. However, you may not realize just how dangerous they really are. Toxic metabolites are produced by synthetic hormones. You might be interested to learn that according to the Journal of the National Cancer Institution, women who take synthetic hormones have a 10 percent higher risk for breast cancer. The synthetic progestin is primarily to blame. Hormone replacement therapy is also linked to stroke, blood clot, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Every day, an increasing number of women become educated about the dangers of synthetic hormones and search for an alternate method to address these symptoms.

Bio-identical hormones are created by a specialist-trained compounding pharmacist to mimic the hormones in your body. Rather than being made of synthetic matter, they are developed with natural compounds, such as wild yams and soy. Plant-based hormones have the same structure as those found in the human body.

Are They Effective?

Some still have the mindset that if their remedy didn’t come in a little pill from a doctor that it will not work. It is actually unfortunate that this is the thinking of much of the population. As they continue to trust the pharmaceutical company they experience more health concerns. Bio-identical hormones do work, and are presumably safer than synthetic Hormones.

Unfortunately there are no studies comparing Bio-identical hormones to pharmaceutical preparations, nor unfortunately will there ever be.

Most large drug trials are financed by thd large pharmaceutical companies, and they have little to gain from ths type of trial.

Bio-identical are as effective, presumably safer when it come to the estrogens that are formulated , and undoubtedly safer than the synthetic Progestins used to replace Progesterone

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can be used to treat mood swings, hot flashes, irregularity, anxiety, fatigue, vaginal dryness, crying, sleeps problems, acne, bone loss, leaky bladder, and more.

You shouldn’t have to “deal” with your symptoms just because you do not want to cause more problems with synthetic hormones. Opt for bio-identical hormones instead.

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Dr. Alexander Kulick

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