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Dr. Alexander Kulick is an integrative medicine doctor whose unique medical background guarantees patients the best conventional and alternative treatments. At his practice on the Upper East Side of New York City, Dr. Kulick specializes in helping patients prevent disease and manage chronic pain conditions. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Kulick completed his postgraduate work at Columbia University Graduate School. During that time, he also received a fellowship to conduct stem cell research at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Dr. Kulick graduated from the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine. With extensive training in internal medicine and board certification in emergency medicine, Dr. Kulick went on to serve in the ER for 17 years, including as an ER attending physician at New York University Downtown Hospital. Most recently, he served as Senior Physician in the ER at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, a member of the New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Healthcare System. During his tenure in the ER, Dr. Kulick saw a broad spectrum of illnesses and trauma, giving him a thorough foundation in Western diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, his training in internal martial arts led him to certification and licensing in Chinese acupuncture. He went on to study alternative medical practices, earning certification in mesotherapy under Dr. Jacques Le Coz and Dr. Philippe Petit in France. Before opening his medical practice, Dr. Kulick was on staff at Beth Israel’s Continuum Center for Health and Healing, an institution known for integrating nutrition and herbal medicine into its holistic care, which is an approach Dr. Kulick continues to follow. To help his patients find relief from chronic pain, Dr. Kulick combines his strong clinical expertise with an open mind that constantly seeks new approaches and integrative alternatives to traditional treatments.

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Innovative Injection Therapies for Chronic Pain

Innovative Injection Therapies for Chronic Pain

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    "Dr. Kulick is an amazingly gifted doctor who uses advanced treatments to pinpoint the source of the pain and kill it."

    Sitar M.
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    "Dr. Kulick is so thorough and uses advanced techniques that you simply don't see in a field that is dominated by cortisone or cutting. I can't recommend him more."

    Jay S.
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    "Dr. Kulick is more than just a physician because of his experience, open mind and his bed side manner. With every treatment, I have been completely relieved of my pains"

    Sandra N.


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