Anti-aging Fillers

Restylane®, Radiesse®, Perlane®, Sculptra®, and Juvederm® complete a short list of a broad range of FDA approved fillers. Every facial rejuvenation must be highly customized. Fillers are an excellent alternative for younger patients who are not ready for a surgical procedure and for those who have had a facelift and want to maintain the results.

Symptoms they treat

Restores fullness to the face, enhances and contours lips, fills in depressions in the face and softens facial creases and wrinkles.

How they work

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance found in your body. High concentrations are found in soft connective in cartilage and joint fluids as well as skin tissue. Hyaluronic acid is not derived from animal sources. Brand names include: Juvederm®, Perlane®, and Restylane®.

Calcium hydroxyl apatite, found in human bones is a compound reserved to fill the deepest creases such as nasolabial folds and to enhance cheekbones, essentially providing a mini facelift. It’s also used as a volumizer to enhance fullness of the cheeks, facial contours and hands. Calcium-based microspheres are suspended in a water-based gel. Brand names include: Radiesse® and Radiance®.

Polylactic acid is a synthetic material. When it is injected, it stimulates the body’s own production of collagen. This substance is popular for filling in laugh lines, marionette lines and “hollow cheeks.” Unlike sister fillers, these substances don’t produce immediate results. Instead, they stimulate collagen production, so results appear gradually over a period of a few months. Brand names include: Sculptra® and New-Fill®.

Dermal fillers are used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatments such as injections of Botox® and laser therapy.


Dr. Kulick will evaluate your facial appearance, mark your face, numb the area if necessary and inject the filler. Depending upon the number of areas treated sessions usually take 30 minutes to an hour.

Side effects

Some bruising and swelling may accompany the treatment for a short time. Ice can be applied following your appointment. Fillers are temporary but can last 6-18 months.