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On a recent trip Tim New York I hurt my back so severely that I landed in the Emergency Room of one of your great hospitals. I could not move and was racked with pain. They kept me there for three days pumping me full of pain killers that barely did the job. On the third day, my mother, an Integrative doctor had enough. She hired a truck, had me wheeled in ( there was no way I could walk), and I found myself in the office of Dr. Kulick. He began to inject my back as I sat in the chair. After about 1/2 hour, I was able to be lifted onto the table, and an hour later, I walked out of the office pain-free. Unbelievable! I would never have thought it possible. Now every time I visit New York, I see him for a treatment. With Dr. Kulick’s help I beat the pain, and want to make certain it doesn’t return.

David Gare

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I am one of those who does not want to have chemicals injected into my face, and thought that would mean that I would grow of gracefully, and then I met Dr. Kulick.

Dr. Kulick performs the miracle of Meso Therapy, hundreds of tiny injections of vitamins and hyaluronic acid are injected through the top layer of the skin on my face. It takes about 1/2 hour. When he is finished, I allow my face to dry. My skin glows and I lose at least 5 years with each treatment. At the beginning, he did 3 treatments two weeks apart. Now I have a treatment every time my skin looses luster and gets a little saggy.

No fillers, no chemicals, just vitamins. It is an amazing treatment, that I highly recommend.

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Hi Dr Kulick

I just wanted to the time to thank you. I have not felt this free of pain in years. It is really nice to be able to move and not be afraid of hurting every time I do. I know we have a ways to go, but just to have 48-36-72 hours with greatly reduced pain patterns is a huge celebration for me!

Very much appreciate your mad science ways!

All the best,

Carrie Montgomery Hurlbutt
Lifestyle Medicine Consultant

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"I’ve had the honor and privilege of getting to know Dr Kulick on a personal and professional basis. He’s a caring and kind person who has a great deal of compassion for his patients. And, most of all, he has great skill in his unique and successful pain relieving techniques. I’m sure you’ll see, as I have, that he is a truly gifted healer"

Jeffrey A. Morrison

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I’ve been a patient of Dr. Alexander Kulick for years and, with his expertise, have adapted a much healthier lifestyle, resulting in good, positive energy and superior health.

A caring physician who makes time to listen, Dr. Kulick is patient, engaged and fully up-to-date in the areas of importance to me; Heart Health, Integrative and Sports Medicine.when my Husband was suffering with sinusitis for months ,BEING UNSUCESSFULLY TREATED BY A SPECIALIST, IT WAS HE WHO INSISTED that he get further evaluation and guided him as a benign tumor was discovered to be the cause , and followed him through two surgeries.
He helped him thru a concussion with his advice , support , excellent referrals , and his expertise in treating the sever neck and upper back pain he was experiencing.
Dr Kulick is a true generalist , a expert jack of all trades .We go to him for everything , and when it is outside of his expertise his referrals are like him , patient skilled and caring , and he is still always following that the care being delivered, he concurs with and supports

Stella Miller
East Hampton, NY

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Dr. Alexander Kulick is my primary healthcare physician because of his lifelong dedication to the science and art of healing, his experiences in real-life situations, his personal care and attention, and his network of specialists able to attend to unexpected emergencies as well as long-term healthcare and disease prevention.
We have many choices in life, and when it comes to the healthcare, there may be no more important decision than choosing a physician. The choice for me and my family is the office and staff of Dr. Kulick.

Alex Miller
Sony Music

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I am an active person with an inconsistent schedule, (DJ, Photographer). My job is rather physical, over the past 20 years between lifting gear and being at a computer I have experience constant neck and back pain. After many years of seeing different chiropractors, getting massages and acupuncture with limited success a friend suggested I see Dr. Kulick. I first saw him 2011 and after 3 visits I no longer had that aching in my neck and under my shoulder blades ,the constant pain and soreness I had endured for 7+ years was gone. I like to describe to my friends that muscles have memory when it comes to pain , and Dr. Kulick gives them amnesia. I discovered in my visits that Dr. Kulick really covers it all. I had fatigue issues that other doctors were unable to resolve. Dr. Kulick was able to help me resolve that long term problem as well. I have now turned to Dr. Kulick for all of my medical needs which have trickled to none. I truly feel his goal is to make his patients healthy. I quickly have returned to feeling normal and healthy. Dr. Kulick is excellent at explaining what is going on and putting the time and care into each visit I have had with him. I appreciate his knowledge of both alternative and western medicine and not being quick to put me on medication. I have seen him for everything now from pain to bronchitis and he has cured me through all of it. I highly recommend Dr. Kulick to anyone seeking great care and final resolutions to their health problems.

Shiran Nicholson

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"I had been on propecia for several years and was looking for an alternative. I began scalp injections a year ago and at the same time stopped propecia. I am thrilled that I have had no fall out as generally stated and have maintained what I have and maybe even some regrowth."


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Dr. Kulick runs a warm and professional practice with staff who remember your name, and an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Each time I have been seen, he has listened to my needs, explained my options, and worked with me to create the most appropriate solution. I have received both medical and cosmetic care from Dr. Kulick over the past two years, and have been thrilled with my outcomes every time. His background as an emergency physician coupled with his wide knowledge of alternative medicine has won me over. I highly recommend him for pain management, healthful lifestyle changes, and the tools we each need to look and feel our youthful best.

Elle Callanan

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"Thank you again for your tremendously successful and professional treatment applying your trigger point injections. I came to you with severe pain in the sacroiliac joint. I barely made it to your treatment room. I could not walk, move nor sit without the most excruciating pains. Your injections resolved the issue almost instantly. I was able to get up from the treatment table and stand up straight and pain free for the first time in days. Yesterday I was able to take a long walk in Central Park and things are almost back to normal. I am extremely grateful that you were able to resolve this on the spot, an issue that has taken weeks to heal in the past."

With warm regards,
Dealer in Fine Art

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I’ve never seen a doctor who has such an integrated approach to health. Dr. Kulick combines his classic medical training with more alternative techniques to diagnose and treat, for a more holistic approach to health. He is also highly attuned to cutting edge research, and integrates his learnings into his practice regularly. I had suffered regular migraines for years, and after a combination of trigger point and prolotherapy injections, I feel better that I ever have and am almost entirely headache free.

liz Miesch
Editor-in-Chief, Q By Equinox