About Us


Medicine is multi-cultural, multi-dimensional and global. Medicine continually evolves and advances. So does this practice.
–Dr Alexander Kulick

Dr. Alexander Kulick, founder and primary physician of The Center for Integrative Approaches to Health and Pain Management has built a reputation of being distinct. Like medicine itself, the practice is continually evolving and advancing. Today, knowledge of alternative techniques not only complements conventional medicine, but improves the efficacy of traditional medicine and drug therapy. As a physician, Dr. Kulick’s training in western medicine brings a unique, comprehensive point of view to his application of alternative therapies. As a board certified ER physician, Dr. Kulick spent 17 years diagnosing patients in a trauma setting refining his ability to quickly uncover the often obscure causes behind their symptoms.

Dr. Kulick’s curiosity about the best global practices took him to Germany and France where he took advantage of learning from leaders in their respective fields of mesotherapy, trigger point therapy and acupuncture.

At a time when the average physician sees dozens of patients per day, Dr. Kulick’s schedule is purposefully designed to spend quality time with every patient. He considers setting aside time to really listen and know his patients as being the basis for his ability to present the proper diagnosis. Because of his broad experience, Dr. Kulick can recognize and diagnose illnesses and disorders that might challenge other practitioners.

The essence of the practice is to safely and effectively restore balance to the body and promote wellness by treating both symptoms and their associated cause. Even the most acute and chronic medical conditions have been treated successfully with long term relief.

Welcome to our practice.