Integrative Medicine and Pain Management in NYC

Dr. Alexander Kulick utilizes extensive range of treatment options including integrative medicine and pain management in NYC. His focus is on both the physical progress as well as the emotional well being of his patients. His state-of-the-art clinic offers relief treatments as well as education to patients with acute and chronic pain. Patients receive an independent medical evaluation from the doctor, an analysis of their pain syndromes and a treatment solution tailored to individual needs.

Integrative Medicine Services:
We offer a wide range of integrative medicine services in our New York City clinic:
Nutritional and Herbal Medicine

Pain Management Specialist in NYC:
Dr. Kulick specializes in helping you to get out of pain and improve your health so that you can live life to the fullest. Our pain management services in NYC include:
Trigger Point Therapy

“I’ve never seen a doctor who has such an integrated approach to health. Dr. Kulick combines his classic medical training with more alternative techniques to diagnose and treat, for a more holistic approach to health. He is also highly attuned to cutting edge research, and integrates his learnings into his practice regularly. I had suffered regular migraines for years, and after a combination of trigger point and prolotherapy injections, I feel better that I ever have and am almost entirely headache free.”
Liz Miesch
Senior Editorial Manager at Equinox